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Sign up for an Excursion 

You can register for excursions via the activities page (click on the excursion and then click on Ik Doe Mee ). In this way you will also automatically receive a confirmation and a reminder prior to the excursion.

The declaration below applies to registration. Always mind your own and others' safety.

Depending on the (duration of the) excursion, an advance may be requested. The costs of the hotel and travel are for yourself. When registering, you can indicate whether someone can ride with you and whether you want to share a hotel room. If costs are incurred in organizing an excursion, for example by conducting a preliminary excursion, the costs will be divided among the participants of the excursion.  The details are for those who signed up.  


The sender of this form is aware that WFW only takes care of the local reconciliations. Participation in the excursion is entirely on the basis of your own responsibility and risk.

The association WORKGROUP FOSSIELEN WAGENINGEN can in no way be held liable for compensation for damage related to participation in the visit.

The undersigned furthermore declares that he has taken note of the General Excursion Regulations of the WORKGROUP FOSSIELEN WAGENINGEN association and the conditions for participation in the excursion.

View the excursion regulations which can be read here or  here  is available for download (members only).

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