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Movies of excursions

Here you can see films of excursions, the photos can be found on the photo page . When clicked, the movies open in another screen.

Various videos

Introduction film WFW (see opposite)

Windmill Day Wageningen (2014, 35th anniversary & exhibition)

Fossil Fair Ede (2015)

Fossil Fair Ede (2018)

Fossil Fair Harderwijk (2019)

Field trips

Barrandien (Czech Republic)

Baden ( Germany)

Rheine Piesberg Wallenhorst (Germany, 2004)

t Rooth (Netherlands, 2009)

Beckum (Germany, 2011)

Wellin Barvaux (Belgium, 2011)

Ibbenburen Piesberg (Germany, 2011)

Whitby (England, 2012)

Neuenkirchen and Rheine (Germany, 2012)

Lengerich (Germany, 2012)

Hanover Piesberg (Germany, 2012)

Picardy ( France, 2013)

Hanover Teutonia Sud and Nord (Germany, 2014)

Hanover Höver (Germany, 2014)

Hanover and Halle (Germany, 2015)

Franconian Switzerland (Germany, 2016)

Barvaux ( Belgium, 2017)

Swabian Alb (Germany, 2017)

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