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Unsafe situations can exist during excursions. Therefore, it is important that everyone follows the excursion rules. Not everything can be predicted, but known situations are:

  • Falling rocks. This can be dangerous for yourself, but also for the person below you

  • Kinking ankles. Walking on an uneven surface (boulders, rocks) requires sturdy shoes and ankles

  • Hitting fingers. Especially when tired, this is a real risk

  • Splinters in eye. Especially with flint. That is also very sharp

  • Tide. On the coast this can be a big problem on certain occasions

What to do:

More on safety shoes:

  • Make sure your ankles are supported

  • Ensure sufficient tread (grip)

  • Take a shoe with at least safety class SB


More on helmets:

  • Take a helmet, not a bump cap

  • Every helmet only lasts a certain time (UV and heat make it brittle)

  • This strongly depends on the material and partly on the use

  • Polyethylene (PE) helmets : about 3 years

  • Polycarbonate (PC), ABSpolymeriate (ABS) or polyamide (PA) helmets : approximately 5 years

  • Glass fibre reinforced polyester helmets : approx. 10 years

  • Always : If broken, cracked, throw away immediately and buy new. If a stone has fallen on it, you may not be able to see a crack!

Recognise your helmet:

The helmet has markings and the EN 397 mark (No 3).

Note the production date (no 1) and the type of plastic (no 4). Replace the helmet if it is too old.

There are helmets with an indicator when they should be replaced.


Using a helmet:

Because comfort is important, choose correct size; adjust the helmet so it does not fall off your head

veiligheidshelm kenmerken

More on (safety) glasses:

  • Ordinary glasses are usually too small

  • Choose glasses with side flaps if possible


More on tools:

  • An ordinary hammer (mallet) can give metal splinters: buy geologist hammers

  • Preferably buy chisels with a protective cap

geologen hamer

Last but not least: behaviour:

  • Pay attention to yourself and others

  • Stop if you are too tired

  • Do not cut into walls or walk right past them

  • Prepare well for where you are going to search

  • Also read the excursion regulations, following them is also mandatory.

But when you search safely.... It is much fun                    

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