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This page is about the information of this website. How does it help with finding, preparing or identifying fossils? The intent is to provide a simple entry point to the vast amount of information available.  This is not a table of contents, please use the Sitemap (located in the bar at the bottom of every page).


All start in difficult. Also with fossils. Therefore a special page for the novice fossil seekers! What do you need to search? What you need to know? where can you find information? You can find it on the page for beginning fossil seekers .


Contains Excursion Guides, Presentations, Articles on preparation and determination, and also the Newsletters from 2013, Minutes of General Members' Meeting from 2010 and the applicable Regulations. The Other folder contains more articles, the WFW anniversary book from 2004 and more. The Paleontology course is under determination. Only for WFW members.


Includes a summary of the tour guides, presentations (if helpful), books from the WFW library, what periodicals the WFW has, and may include member books. It is possible to search on your own (part of) keywords, countries, period, application (do you want to search or determine). This allows you to find out if there is something suitable for you.


Here you can find photos of fossils that have been found and often identified. Sometimes there are more photos per fossil. Because it is stored with country, location and period it can be used in determining your own find. Select by country, period or type of fossil and compare.


The forum page contains 3 topics. Nice items that were first on the front page or old announcements from the board (both as archive). Finally, it is possible to post something yourself if you have questions about your own fossil. You must be a member of the forum for that (which is separate from membership of the WFW and you use your own login name and password).


Only for WFW members. Our own search locations are included here. With address. If you want to search yourself or organize an excursion: you can find information here.


The internet is big with many hobbyists or others making information available. Not everything can be on the WFW site of course. The links are sorted in different ways, so you can search for something with different inputs; about a subject, a museum or, for example, a club in the Netherlands or another country.

I want to search for fossils...
  • search locations page (members only)

  • excursion guides (members only) at the library  page

  • library  page: books can be about a country for example, or a region

  • the WFW app (ask other members)

  • links page: see what else there is (or visit a regional museum, and ask for search info there)

I want to determine...
  • fossil image page: compare with already found fossils with name

  • fossil exchange , ask the  experts

  • excursion guides often include beautiful finds from a region, see the library  and download

  • some books are useful, check out the library  page

  • links page: see what else there is (or visit the regional museum and compare with your own finds)

  • the forum page: join the forum and post your unknown fossil

I want to prepare...
  • on the books page ?

  • on the downloads page here is about a special item

  • on the links page here is on a special topic

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