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paleotime internationale fossielenbeurs


From 2015 to 2023 The WFW organized the fossil fair in the Netherlands together with the Paleobiological Circle. 


For more information about the event or to register as an exhibitor, please visit the following

Also see the past times:
ItYouTube channel of PaleoTime-NL and through itTriloLab YouTube channel

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PaleoTime-NL Outreach Poster Award Contest

The  Paleobiological Circle Netherlands&Flanders  organizes the PaleoTime-NL Outreach Poster Award 2020 in collaboration with the Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel.  Information  about this poster competition.

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In the afternoon, during the fair, the Paleobiologische Kring Nederland&Vlaanderen will again provide a series of accessible lectures about fossils: More info about this soon.

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Our preparers of the Trilolab project will once again give a preparation demonstration, during which a trilobite will be prepared during the fair, which will be raffled at the end of the day among the visitors who have made a voluntary contribution.

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A collection of experts will be on hand throughout the day to identify finds, at the determination table of the Paleobiological Circle.

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Children activities

Especially for young seekers and collectors, there are children's activities during the fair, such as a grab bag, coloring pages, polishing fossils and collecting microscopic fossils. There are activities for children of all ages. The children's activities on PaleoTime-NL are organized in collaboration with the youth activities working group of the  Dutch Geological Society .

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landelijke vereniging geologische activiteiten
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