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Sitemap WFW

Home page  †  Homepage

    site map  - This page

About the WFW  †  Description in text about the origins and activities of the WFW

    Establishment of WFW  - Creation of the WFW

    Management  †  Composition of the current board

    Become a Member - Join the WFW, and get involved

    Contact us  - To report, ask, or whatever, fill out the form

    Location  †  Where to find the WFW, meeting location with google maps

    Privacy declaration  - How do we handle your data, can be found here

Activities  - What does the WFW do, what can you expect, also with the planning of current lectures and excursions

    Other activities  - What else does the WFW do, separate sometimes one-off activities

    Forum  - Check out old news, from the WFW or paleontology, and join the forum

Field trips  - View the photo reports of excursions of the past years, open in different pages

    Register excursions  - Would you like to go on an excursion? fill in the form, but only for members WFW members

    Excursion Regulations  †  What are the (behavioural) rules for going on an excursion?

    Search locations   †  where can you search places where the WFW has been (only for WFW members)

    Movies  - Films made by WFW, including excursions  

    Archive  - Older photos, including excursions and other activities (for WFW members only)

Fossils in pictures  †  View fossils of others, with name and location, an aid to your own identification

    WFW fossil of the year  †  Every year a most beautiful fossil is chosen, to be found here from past years

fossil exchange  †  We help with the fossil fair, with, look here for more information

Information  †  

     Geologic Timeline   - The official timeline layout, with all the names of the periods

     Timeline  †  Watch the fossils come and go, in relation to the geological time periods

     Library  - What books, magazines, presentations does the WFW have, look for an interesting item

     Library input screen  - Add your own book to the library so WFW members can borrow it

    Books  - Fossil books recommended by members, read here why

    Downloads  †  Presentations, minutes, tour guides and preparation help, available here (members only)

     Beginning Fossil Finder  †  information for someone who is just starting with fossils as a hobby

Children  †  Special page for children, with links to information about dinosaurs and games

    Puzzle  †  easy puzzle

    Puzzle  †  Ordinary puzzle

    Puzzle  †  Difficult puzzle

    memory  †  Thinking game, also fun for adults, make it as hard as you want

Left  †  Lots of links to other sites that can help with our hobby, arranged by theme

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