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Privacy declaration

Version 19-3-2022

In the following, the WFW informs you which measures the WFW has taken in connection with the "General Data Protection Regulation" (Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council no. 2016/679 of April 27, 2016) (GDPR), which came into effect on May 25, 2018 taken, or will take, to ensure your privacy and protect your data, and how and for what purpose the WFW uses your data. The points of the WFW's privacy policy are:

  • The WFW stores the member data (Member Administration) in an Excel database in a secure environment. These are backed up in another secure location. The data from the membership administration is never provided to third parties without permission (unless there is a legal obligation to do so).

  • The Member Administration contains information about you as a member.

  • These are Name, Address, Place of residence, Email, telephone number(s), use of portrait, contribution data, commencement date of WFW membership and have been assessed as data with a low privacy risk. Members have the right to inspect, correct and delete their data that the WFW manages.

  • The member administrator provides (board) members with a list of members for each occasion, to be used for collecting membership fees, an event of the WFW, the General Members' Meeting, excursions, sending a newsletter and/or circular. At the bottom of every newsletter/circular letter you will find a link with which you can unsubscribe from the newsletter/circular letter. The WFW keeps a register of the above-mentioned processing activities.

  • The WFW does not store your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which we received this personal data from you. The WFW also does not process more personal data than is necessary to be of service to you.

When using the website, you are asked to accept cookies. Our site is hosted on the platform. The data sent can be stored on's data storage, databases and the applications. This data is stored on secure servers behind a firewall. As far as the WFW is aware, the administrator of the website does not do anything with the data you send, and the WFW certainly does not. The above applies to messages and emails sent by you.

In addition to this data protection, there are also stricter rules for portrait use, such as with photos / films of events (eg the fossil fair in Ede) in which people appear recognizable. This especially applies to use on social media and websites. The WFW hereby asks all members whether they may use his/her portrait. Your response is only required in case of a negative answer. For new members, specific permission for portrait use will be requested when registering. After that, everyone still has the right to change their choice and the right to remove already published photos / films.

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