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WFW Excursion Regulations

Version: 19-3-2022


Article I-1        The Excursion Regulations, hereinafter referred to as EXRE, lists:

a.  Rules for registration of and participation in all excursions organized by the association Werkgroep Fossilen Wageningen, hereinafter referred to as WFW (see article II).

b.  Rules of conduct applicable to all search sites to be visited in this context (see Article III).

Article I-2        Method of communicating, determining and changing the EXRE (see article IV).

Article I-3        Our association regularly takes photos and videos of excursions or other activities. These can be used in, for example, our website, newsletter or any social media channels.

II. Rules for announcement, registration and participation in excursions of the association.

Article II-1       An excursion organized by the WFW will be announced to the members by the board.

Article II-2       Participant is she/he who:

a.  Has registered in time via the WFW website, in accordance with the information about this in the program overview and agrees with the excursion regulations.

b.  The registration/participation form has been signed where necessary.

c.  Has paid in due time for the membership of the association and, if applicable, for the costs of the excursion.

Article II-3       Each participant is expected to know and read the EXRE prior to the excursion.

Article II-4       Entering a search site is always at the participant's own risk.

Article II-5       Children from 10 to 16 years old are allowed in exceptional cases, under the strict supervision of at least one of the parents, with the permission of the board and provided this is allowed by the quarry owner. The parents are entirely responsible for their children. The board assesses whether the safety of the search location is such that the risks are nil, for example because the location is normally also accessible to the general public. The child must then be a family member and the parent must be a WFW member.

Article II-6       All participants are obliged to take out legal liability insurance for themselves and any accompanying family members.

Article II-7       Excursion participants who transport other excursion participants in their own car may only do so if they have taken out Passenger Accident Insurance.

Article II-8       By signing the “Declaration” (at the start of the excursion), the participant declares that he/she is aware that participation in the excursion is at his/her own responsibility and at his/her own risk and in accordance with the provisions of the excursion regulations and that the participant has an individual has liability insurance.

Article II-9       The manager/owner of the quarry/location, the excursion management, the WFW or the Dutch Geological Society are not liable or obliged to compensate damage caused by, during or on the occasion of the participation in this excursion.

Article II-10      The excursion starts at the time of arrival at the first search location and ends at the time of departure from the last search location. Participants are fully responsible during the outward and return journey.

Article II-11      If a participant decides not to follow (entirely) the program of the excursion, this must be discussed with the excursion leader.

III.Requirements for conduct on search sites

Article III-1      Instructions from the board and/or the excursion leader must always be followed.

Article III-2      Wearing a helmet is mandatory unless explicitly stated otherwise by the tour leader.

Article III-3      Wearing safety shoes is strongly recommended and may be made mandatory by the tour leader and/or the quarry owner. Safety glasses should be worn when chopping into rocks.

Article III-4      Climbing equipment, tools and any excavators is expressly prohibited.

Article III-5      Cutting or digging in high steep walls of a quarry is not allowed.

Article III-6      Searching or felling just under a high steep wall is not allowed.

Article III-7      Walking/searching on or near the edge of a steep wall is not allowed. Often there are cracks in the ground near the edge and there is an increased risk of collapse.

Article III-8      Walking or felling loose stones on an oblique slope is only permitted if there are no persons below you. 

Article III-9      Leaving rubbish, waste or tools behind in a quarry or at another search site is prohibited.

Article III-10     Participants are expected to take all measures to prevent dangerous situations for other persons and must immediately report dangerous situations they perceive to the excursion leader.

Article III-11     The board and/or the excursion leader is authorized to expel participants who consciously do not comply with these regulations from the excursion and to deny participation in subsequent excursions!

Article III-12     If a participant wishes to leave the quarry or location prematurely, this must be communicated to the excursion leader.

Article III-13     Sometimes we are not allowed to enter a certain part of a quarry or search location (for example because of a safety risk). The tour guide will indicate this.

Article III-14     Depending on the law at the search location, finding a fossil may not automatically mean that it becomes the property of the finder.

IV. Manner of communication, establishing and changing the excursion regulations

Article IV-1      The board of the WFW annually determines the EXRE for the new calendar year and submits this for approval to the General Members' Meeting in the Annual Meeting. Without adjustments, the imaginary EXRE is automatically extended to the new calendar year.

Article IV-2      If the EXRE is modified, the modified version of this EXRE will be distributed in writing to all members of the WFW. Written also includes email or a comparable technique. In addition, the fictional EXRE will be published on the WFW website. 

Article IV-3      New members are notified of the fictional EXRE by referring to the website.

Article IV-4      Incidentally, the board may decide to make necessary changes to this EXRE and declare it applicable for the rest of the current calendar year.

Article IV-5      An excursion may only be possible for a limited number of members, for example because the quarry owner imposes restrictions. In that case, this will be clearly stated when the registration is opened. The order of registration determines who is allowed to participate.

Article IV-6      When someone has signed up for an excursion, cancellation is only possible 14 days before departure. Unless the board decides otherwise, the excursion costs, which can be costs already incurred, but also costs of hotel reservations, for example, will be fully borne by the registered member. If a hotel reservation cannot be cancelled, the costs will also be borne by the relevant participant.


To the right, it becomes clear that working in quarries, including looking for fossils, is dangerous!

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